Free Protein Supplement Powder Bottle Mockup PSD Template


Free Protein Supplement Powder Packaging Bottle Mockup PSD Template

Protein supplements may be necessary for a healthy lifestyle, depending on your body type. It's a good thing that this sort of merchandise is readily available. As a result, additional designs are required, which is why we've included this bottle packaging mockup from Design Bolts.

From the front, an extremely realistic protein powder/supplement container is presented, to which you can add your own images using the smart object layers. With a few simple steps, you can simply modify the label. The layers have been hidden to reduce the size of the mockup, so be sure to unhide them before inserting your ideas. This free resource is only accessible for personal use for now, but it can be shared online as long as a link is included.

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Mockup PSD Template for Protein Supplement Powder Bottle


Available Smart object insertion creates a layered PSD.

Personal and commercial use are both permitted.

Photoshop PSD File is included in the 7-Zip file.


1. Layers have been hidden to save download size; please unhide to see all layers.

2. Ungroup or unhide your protein bottle label design and set it on a smart layer.

3. Adobe Photoshop CS5+ is required for this project.

Download Free Protein Supplement Powder Bottle Mockup PSD Template

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