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Natural Food “Bnavan” Brand Identity for Inspiration


Natural Food “Bnavan” Brand Identity for Inspiration

Hello there, pals! We're back with yet another intriguing blog, and we're confident you'll like it. But before we get into the meat of the matter, we'd like to thank you all for your enormous response to our previous blogs, and for sharing them with the people you care about and work with. You folks inspire us to keep improving, and we pledge that we will not let you down.

We can tell you're thrilled to read about the brand identity of Bnavan (natural food) in detail because the title of our blog is right there, and we know you guys love to read our brand design-related blogs a bit too much, so let's get started right now!

As you may be aware, many people across the world are worried about the food they consume, and although we are not complaining since we understand that food plays a vital role in a person's well-being, it does raise the issue of what comes next. Because there are numerous foods that might cause allergies, there are companies, etc., that do not put forth much effort in manufacturing nutritious food products, not many people feel comfortable eating packaged food, and there are many other things that occur on a regular basis.

The only solution to all food-related problems is to start producing your own food, from meat to vegetables and milk to literally everything in between, but is that really possible, especially when people have multiple jobs to work for, tons of things to get done and over with even if they are not working full time and a difficult life like everyone else's? We do not believe that people of this age and time can be out and about taking care of their mini-farms, animals, and production, which is where brands like Bnavan come to the rescue.

Allow us to explain what Bnavan is and the inspiration behind the brand identity design that prompted us to create a blog post about it. So, Bnavan is an Armenian company that produces nutritious foods such as milk, eggs, beef, cheese, extra virgin oil, and so on. The brand's major priority was to concentrate on putting all of the goods together and selling them under the name Bnavan while keeping everything nutritious and safe for people of all ages to consume, and guess what the very creative team came up with? The end product is here in front of you guys, thanks to a wonderfully creative concept of combining two fundamental hues, black and white, and coupling them with comical yet vibrant images on the package.

What we admire about people in the creative, marketing, and advertising industries is how all of the relevant departments come together to create something that will not only be liked by current generations so much that they will become loyal customers of the businesses, but the products and campaigns will also be remembered in the future, and we believe that this is how the approach should be – create something that is versatile and long-lasting.

The best thing about Bnavan's brand identity design is that the team members did not hold back on experimenting with something that is very farm-ish, and it works so well for the brand that we can bet that anyone who comes across the branding or even this blog will want to learn more about the company and may even want to try the brand's products, you know. Bhavan has won our hearts by keeping everything modest and healthy-looking, and we encourage you to attempt to comprehend the brand identity in-depth, check out the numerous package designs they provide, and perhaps start working on one of your next design projects later on.

Friends, that's it for today! We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and that it will inspire you in a variety of ways. If that happens, please let us know in the comments section how you went about developing your unique food branding identity, and while you're doing it, please share it with your favorite coworkers.

Oh, and if you have any recommendations, please share them with us as well, and we will improve where necessary.

Credit: Backbone Branding

Natural Food “Bnavan” Brand Identity for Inspiration

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